Where does Ryan Reynolds keep his Deadpool costume?

Ryan Reynolds & Will Ferrell put their friendship to the test in this very funny episode of Do You Even Know Me?
We learn about some of Will’s amazing pranks, Ryan reveals how we got kicked out of school and we find out whether Ryan can remember the colour of Will’s eyes!

SPIRITED will be in UK cinemas and on Apple TV+ from 18th November.

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33 thoughts on “Where does Ryan Reynolds keep his Deadpool costume?

  1. I wish my mannequin had a Deadpool costume!
    I have a 7-8 foot grey man. He's an old school Hot Topic mannequin- I was gifted him when my former co-worker won him in a raffle when HT stopped using mannequins anymore.
    I use to have to change him every Tuesday or Thursday, I can't remember, my old co-worker knew how badly I wanted one of those mannequins!!! I was no longer at that location so she called me up and told me she won him for me!

  2. I have a Deadpool statue, it scared the shit out of me twiceโ€ฆ thought I was going to be in the fight of my life then turns out it was just a 6โ€™5 statue of a superhero

  3. ฤฐmagen if he would just randomly wear it and start walking around the house รถne night and then pretend nothing happend and never bring it up to make a core memmory of fear