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That said, all Pokemon cosplay, no matter what combination, fall short of Sirfecth’d cosplays, because well, all other Pokemon fall short of Sirfecth’d. Thankfully, the Internet has blessed us with exactly that: a Sirfecth’d cosplay. What were some of the specific challenges you came across while making such an intricate cosplay? More specifically, popular cosplayer Jessica Nigri has provided Pokemon fans with a new cosplay of the new Pokemon, spiderman costume and it’s pretty great.

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When I was making my Mera cosplay, I bought a basic bodysuit from it and modified/weathered it with watered down acrylic paint as well as bringing in some of the waist with my sewing machine. We aren’t given any in-depth knowledge about what these folks do to earn a living in the real world that enables them to spend every waking hour and dime on making costumes. They have hundreds of different costumes on their site, which you can shop by character, gender, anime, video game, movie, pink power ranger costume and more.