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There are more than 400 diodes, all diffused with EPE foam sheet and amplified with aluminum. Or, if you’re more of a classic gamer, then you should check out our fun Mario Bros. Cosplays based on comic book superheroes are especially popular in the event, as well as video games such as Super Mario or Pokemon. Speaking of swashbuckling, you’ll also need to leave your cutlass and flintlock at home, as costume weaponry is not allowed, nor are staffs, and wands over 60 centimeters (23.6 inches) in length or helmets, sports equipment, or musical instruments of any kind.

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Kirishima Cosplay | Top 5 Kirishima Costumes In 2022 Kirishima Cosplay Costumes Ready to cosplay avengers costumes adults Kirishima? Kirishima Eijiro Boku no My Hero Academia Season 4 Cosplay Costume. Give your costume that extra edge of realism with Flexi Ears! See the video below for more. This version sports a more hoodie-like design with one full sleeve on the right arm and the gauntlet and armband design on the left.