New Wolverine Costume Details From DEADPOOL 3

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Thumbnail artwork by Bryanzap:

This is very exciting, Geeks & Geekettes! Keep in mind this is from official concept artwork and a lot can change. Regardless, I’m just happy we’re finally getting a comic style suit and of course, Hugh Jackman back!

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20 thoughts on “New Wolverine Costume Details From DEADPOOL 3

  1. i remember when i saw the deleted scene from the wolverine showing him seeing the comic accurate helmet and it looked so cool but they never used it
    but my favorite suits are the 90s tv show one or the brown and yellow suit

  2. I’d like short β€œears” or whatever they are on the cowl. Kinda like how Ben afflecks was. I think that would look best on screen

  3. If he really does have the suit, his introduction scene should be like this:

    Deadpool, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are fighting a bunch of thugs, but are getting overwhelmed. Suddenly, off camera, we hear β€œSNIKT SNIKT!” and an unseen figure is chopping up thugs, body parts are flying everywhere. Everyone looks over, and there he is. Deadpool starts to slowly go β€œHoly fuck” then jump cut to a shot of…

    Wolverine. In his yellow suit. It’s a slow motion shot of him walking towards the camera, claws out, and Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top playing. Deadpool squeals and makes a remark about how he should’ve worn his white pants, then cut back to Wolvie. As the song’s lyrics come on, with every lyric, it jump cuts to a different part of his suit, to emphasize that he’s finally in it. Then, still in slow mo, he puts his claws away and lights up a cigar.

  4. I feel that in the world of film X Man is not up to standard in comic characters. they do not respect their creator. I feel sad because all the characters don't wear costumes that match the original characters. I feel disappointed. Even children feel disappointed because every superhero is not like the original comic story

  5. I feel that they’d be better off putting Hugh in his first appearance brown suit because given his age the darkened material would compliment his physique more.

  6. I understand the desire to see a comics-accurate Wolverine costume. But let's be honest… comic outfits are really dumb. Yes, they've improved VASTLY in recent years…but they can look especially silly if done incorrectly. They were developed to make comic illustrations look more dynamic and pop off the page… not for real life. Wolverine's costume is particularly silly. Why a lethal character like Logan would wear ANYTHING yellow is just ridiculous, and the cowl even more so.

    This is why Marvel characters for the most part (Thor, Loki, Hawkeye, etc) DITCHED their headpieces…because they looked ridiculous. Captain America has probably had the most successful live action headpiece, but that was because a) it was modeled after a real helmet/goggle combo and b) even then, he doesn't wear it for the vast majority of the film.

    Yes, there are characters who sport headpieces on a regular basis (Spider-Man, Deadpool, etc). But those are largely intended to be masks and there's a light-hearted, comedic element to those characters. Also, they are iconic and permanently tied to those characters. This is no longer true with Wolverine, who we've seen for a long time now uniform-free (and certainly without a cowl.)

    Mangold was right, Logan wouldn't be caught dead in one of these things. I imagine in the Deadpool movie he'll wear it grudgingly for a short time, mostly because there was nothing else to wear or something like that. It'll probably be used for comedic effect.