Never Read Deadpool’s Mind

Struggling to comprehend Deadpool’s horrific actions against former comrades, Xavier infiltrated his mind, only to encounter a devastating truth of their fictional existence, a revelation so overwhelming that it ultimately resulted in his brain death.

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27 thoughts on “Never Read Deadpool’s Mind

  1. wade isnt just crazy for shits n giggles if you really think about it wouldnt the knowledge that all your suffering is literally for entertainment your entire existence is just be forever stuck in an endless loop of losing people seeing and committing horrible acts and it literally means nothing would that not drive a person insane?

  2. To clarify to everyone. This is a multiverse version of Deadpool known as Dreadpool. He's the main character in the series known as Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe. Where he literally goes on a killing spree on every hero and villain within his respective universe.

    After doing so Dreadpool even starts hunting down other variants of himself from other universes until he goes to our universe and loses to our Deadpool.

    Highly suggest reading Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and Deadpool kills Deadpool.

  3. I don't think that does justice to Xavier I think he could handle realizing he's a fictional character that author took some libertys that I don't think many in the community would agree with.

  4. Sooooo you’re telling me the writing for Charles Xavier is flawed like a mf?? Cause Cerebro connects him to everyone.. everyone.. this means Deadpool as well.. so you’re telling me Charles has been using that mf and NOW he’s CHOOSING to not believe it now??? He should’ve been knowing this the first time he detected Deadpool within Cerebro considering that’s the ONLY way that crippled mf was gonna be able to find him

  5. Deadpool is literally the only one “””sane””” enough to handle this information, he has a healing factor similar to wolverines and has been cursed by thanos to never die, maybe the revaluation of the 4th wall and all that is what finally made him snap