Did You Know In DEADPOOL 2…

We kind of get to see a version of one of the title character’s alternate costumes from the comic books. Near the end of the movie, Russell/Firefist burns Deadpool’s suit when he doesn’t think he can trust him anymore, which makes it appear gray instead of its usual dark red. This gives it the appearance of Deadpool’s gray X-Force suit that he wears in the comics, which seems appropriate as the movie does introduce a short-lived iteration of the X-Force team.


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33 thoughts on “Did You Know In DEADPOOL 2…

  1. Yeah, I picked up on that in the theatre when watching it. Makes sense regarding the numerous X-Force references in the movie. But tell us all something we don't know.

  2. Yes this was a fun Easter egg. I just don't like how now it has to be an e tire minute just filling people in one one fact. To your credit at least you just said the information, I appreciate that.. most people just waste time and say more filler stuff almost sometimes misleading people.

  3. These “you don’t know this happened in a movie” channels are pretty ducking stupid. Captain obvious over here. Make better content and stop being lazy.