Deadpool Wears The Spider-Man Costume

Realizing Spiderman’s paranoia due to the Chameleon’s random attacks, Deadpool intervenes, accidentally discovers the Chameleon in disguise, sedates Spiderman, hides his identity by swapping costumes, defeats Spiderman’s villains including the Chameleon, and is thanked by Peter with a shared hotdog at his favorite New York spot.

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46 thoughts on “Deadpool Wears The Spider-Man Costume

  1. the way i like to think about it is wade wilson is peter parker if he went insane lol, they're both quippy super powered individuals, who seek to do good in the best way possible, but yk one's absolutely fucking bonkers

  2. Two things: First spidey would never approve of this lol, and second can someone explain why deadpool can't die, can regenerate limbs, but his face stays lookin 🤬 up? 🤷‍♂️