Deadpool vs Anime Las Vegas 2023

Deadpool goes to Anime Las Vegas for the first time!
– Watch the Anime Las Vegas 2023 Vlog:

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D-Piddy as Deadpool

• Camera: Konran Tsurugi
• Editing: D-Piddy
• Music: Player2 – Studiopolis Zone (Funky Electro Remix)

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Deadpool suit provided by RPC Studio

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50 thoughts on “Deadpool vs Anime Las Vegas 2023

  1. Ah, Deadpool being Deadpool once again

    Definitely enjoyed watching this Amazingly Epic cosplay video of Anime Las Vegas 2023

    Everyone there looking Incredible in their cosplays, no doubt about that

  2. I think it would be hilarious if Ironmouse when to a Convention IRL cosplaying as herself but since people don't know what she looks like no-one would realize they met the Real Ironmouse